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This chrome extension is fast! it extract fb emails and users IDs from your screen.

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XTractor 2.0 - Welcome JVs!

OFFICIAL JV PAGE for the upcoming Launch at Tuesday, Sep 3rd 2015, 12PM EST.


Search, Groups, Page, Event, Post, Image / Video, ALL!

1 Click Get Leads

Just click on the extension, you'll get all your audience you see

It's a Chrome Extension

You can use it everywhere

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Launch Date Sep 3rd 2015, 12PM EST.

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Awesome New Features

Click Save Target

Extract From Search

Search for people Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Groups

Go to the Group "Members" Page Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Page

Go to the page Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Event

Go to the event page, click on 'going' / 'maybe' / 'invited' Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Post

Go to the post page, you can click on the date of the post Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Image / Video

Go to the image/video post, you can click on the date of the post Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Email Swipes

Email Swipe 1

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With Xtractor 2.0, you are able to extract leads from Search, Group, Page, Event, Post, Image and Video that you see in Facebook. 
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[+] Search 
[+] Groups 
[+] Page 
[+] Events
[+] Post 
[+] Image /Video
All you need to do is go to these features and the Xtractor extension of your Google Chrome do all other jobs and get you Facebook emails and UIDs. It is very easy that you don’t need to work up for getting leads anymore. 

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XTractor can extract Facebook emails from Groups, Search, Image/Video Page and Events. The extracted emails can then be used to target custom audience on Facebook campaigns. As it’s a Chrome Extension, XTractor can be used everywhere! Just click on the extension and you will get all the audience you see. 

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You will immediately get 100 UIDs/emails when you download XTractor today. A Pro version of XTractor is also available. It offers unlimited FB UIDs/emails and fast auto scroll. You don’t need to spend ridiculous amounts of cash just to advertise to the right people. With XTractor, you can do all of that for a much lower price!



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Save Ad Costs and Advertise to Targeted People with XTractor
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XTractor can get FB emails from likes, posts, shares, events, groups, comments, photos/videos and even from the graph search on Facebook. With just one click, you can get all the audience you see. The extracted emails can be used to target your desired audience, helping you save ad costs and advertise to the right people at the same time.

It’s free to try the XTractor! 
When you download the XTractor today, you will get 100 FB emails/UIDs that you can use right away!














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