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Search, Groups, Page, Event, Post, Image / Video, ALL!

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* These are not real emails, it's the username@[some random domain] you can't use them to send mails.
** FB don't allow the creation of Custom Audiences with email addresses, you'll probably get a low match rate.

One Click FB Emails Extractor

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Awesome Features

Click Save Target

Extract From Search

Search for people Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Groups

Go to the Group "Members" Page Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Page

Go to the page Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Event

Go to the event page, click on 'going' / 'maybe' / 'invited' Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Post

Go to the post page, you can click on the date of the post Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

Extract From Image / Video

Go to the image/video post, you can click on the date of the post Click Get FB Emails & UIDs

How To Use FB's Custom Audiences?

Easily set up your target audiance

In a Snap

Click and Get












Image / Video

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Facebook Fun Facts

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Download is free but limited to 100 Emails or UIDs. Purchase a Product Key to remove the limitation.

After the payment a Product Key will be sent to your Email, place it in the extension for unlimited access.

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